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07/02 – 08/02 The sporting foot & ankle

Specialist: James Moore
The foot and ankle complex is a key region of the body, with multiple pathologies co-existing and large forces being…

12/02 Discale problematiek

Specialist: Dhr. Tim Daelemans
Dhr. Daelemans is manager van Osteokliniek (Rotselaar). Hij is osteopaat (Dr. Ost., Lic. Motorische Wetenschappen), internationaal docent en Directeur van…

28/02 – 29/02 Overuse-letsel onderste extremiteit bij sporters

Specialist: Bart Dingenen
Tegenwoordig is het aantal mensen dat aan duursport doet sterk toegenomen. Dit is dan vooral recreatief hardlopen en fietsen, maar…

14/03 – 15/03 Neuroscientific pain modulation

Specialist: Lars Avemarie
Neuroscientific painmodulation is a innovative two-day course focusing on pain research and pain-modulation, with citations of well over 300 scientific peer-review articles,…

19/03 NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation using Compex®

Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) kan ingezet worden bij actieve revalidatie, spierontwikkeling en spierherstel. Het is met andere woorden een…

20/03 Masterclass blood flow restriction training (VOLZET)

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training garandeert een maximale spierrespons met een minimale externe belasting. Deze vorm van training is uitermate…

25/03 - 26/03 Psychologie & psychosomatiek in de praktijk

Specialist: Dr. Joeri Calsius
Ongeacht hun opleiding of specialisatie worden kinesitherapeuten in toenemende mate geconfronteerd met hulpvragen die het strikt lichamelijke domein overstijgen. Niet…

06/04 - 07/04 Hip and Knee: Complex Understanding for Simple Solutions

Specialist: Erik Meira
The hip and knee are a complex pairing comprising the structural and functional core of many human movements, from ADL to…

14/05 - 15/05 The scapula: function, dysfunction, evaluation and treatment

Specialist: Ben Kibler & Aaron Sciascia
Dr. Kibler is board-certified in Orthopedic Surgery. He provides services in shoulder, sports medicine, workers compensation, and surgical procedures. Dr.…

26/05 - 27/05 Recovery for performance in sport

Specialist: Yann Le Meur
In today’s competitive sport environment, discovering effective methods of facilitating optimal athletic performance is paramount to success. The recovery period is…

05/06 - Complex doesn’t have to be Complicated

Specialist: Adam Meakins
This fast and furious two day course is suitable for ALL who work with people in pain and aims to…

10/06 - 11/06 Lower limb tendinopathy

Specialist: Ebonie Rio
Understanding tendon load – the key element to understand presentation and rehabilitation Differential diagnosis – how to recognise tendon pain,…

17/6 - 18/6 Creating athletic movement

Specialist: James Moore
Loading strategies for healthy & injured tissue to enhance adaptation The human body is a highly complex system, and when…

18/06 Biopsychosociaal handelen: doe ik wat ik kan

Specialist: Mevr. Marijke Leysen (PT, MT, PhD-Cand)

19/06 - 20/06 The sporting hip & groin pain

Specialist: James Moore
This extremely popular 2 day course will enable all therapists to tackle the problem hip & groin patient, from the…

09/09 - 10/09 Know pain

Specialist: Mike Stewart
The challenge of successfully managing persistent pain can be one of the most daunting for both clinicians and people in…

06/10 - 07/10 The shoulder – Steps to success

Specialist: Jo Gibson
The course is constantly updated as a result of emerging evidence and feedback from course participants but essentially reflects the…

30/10 Mastering Lower Limb Tendinopathy

Specialist: Peter Malliaras
Peter has a respected international clinical and research profile and is consulted by many people for a second opinion regarding their…

6/11 - 7/11 - 8/11 The complete upper limb course

Specialist: Thomas GC Mitchell BSc (Hons) MSc, Andrew Cuff BSc (Hons) MSc CMP SRP MCSP
Aimed at the frontline practitioner, this three-day course will introduce a systematic approach the assessment of the Upper Limb, and…

13/11 - 14/11 Muscle injuries of the lower limb

Specialist: James Moore
Muscle injuries in the lower limb account for up to 45% of all injuries in both he sports world, with…

17/11 De knie meniscus revisited

Specialist: Dr. Toon Claes (MD)

11/12 - 12/12 Advanced sporting hip & groin

Specialist: James Moore
The Groin region accounts for nearly 13% of all sports injuries. While the hip can be implicated in 1 in…